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More than 60,000 engineers and tech talents are looking for their next opportunity as freelancer or full-time employee.

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We take care of all of your hiring needs, freelancing, hiring permanent workers, or umbrella company for industries.

Kicklox Freelancer ingénieur

Engineering consulting

Our qualified community of over 20,000 freelancers and engineering companies meet your tech needs with their services.

Cabinet de chasse ingénieurs

The headhunting office

You are put into contact with the best engineering and tech talent profiles, specifically chosen to join your company.

Kicklox global ingénieurs

The umbrella company for industries

Enjoy our collaborative tools and our framework contract so that you can work with all of your partners without having to cross-reference them yourself.

The advantages of Kicklox Services

Our know-how fits all of your needs to allow you a quick access to technical expertise.

ingénieur agilité

Approve only 1 supplier and work with +60'000 engineers & tech talents worldwide.

collaboration ingénieurs

Get a shortlist of highly-qualified talents matching with your project's need thanks to our matching algorithm.

Ingénieurs qualifiés

Enjoy our talent qualification process to make sure you are in contact with the best talents available.

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