Optimize the management of your resources and all types of partners

The 1st marketplace technology applied to skills & expertise.

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More than 1'000 companies are using our technology

The strengths of our technology


Secured & robust

Able to meet deployment challenges within complex organizations, in restrictive environments and with high volumes of data.

Modular & integrable

Adaptable to your IT system and customizable according to your needs.


User-friendly & ergonomic

Easy to use for your teams thanks to simple and effective interfaces which improve their adhesion to your internal processes.

There is one use case for each of your needs

Map the skills of your employees and partners

The talents of your organization can create and maintain their detailed skills profile online, as well as their availability, creating thus a real library of skills.

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staffing matching

Optimize the staffing of all your projects with our matching algorithm

Our project publication marketplace is combined with a powerful matching algorithm in order to help you gain performance.

Improve the management of your workload plans by gaining agility

The project/contract monitoring space organized by milestone ensures precise monitoring of the kickoff, the delivery and the acceptance of the work to be carried out on each of your projects.

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freelancers management system

Take advantage of an integrated turnkey system to manage your freelancer and partner communities.

Your Freelancer Management System (FMS) ensures optimal organization and collaboration with your freelances & partners, from the proposal management to the purchase order and billing.

The features of our platform

Kicklox address all your talent and resource management use cases thanks to our modular platform and high-performance technology.


Our core technology includes in all of our solutions a large set of collaborative features.

White label responsive application ● Instant messaging ● Multicanal notifications ● Documents generator (PDF, docx) ● Electronic signature ● Follow-up Dashboard ● Data visualization ● Rights management ● And a lot more to discover...


Reference your ecosystem of talents and expertise.

Onboarding (personal infos, skills matrix & administrative) ● Full Competencies File editable & downloadable ● Availibity update system ● Recommandation system ● Profile Referencing ● Library/Marketplace Advanced Talent Search Engine ● Lists Management


Instantly match needs and resources.

Need specification Form (technical, budget, modalities) ● Project publication marketplace ● Matching algorithm ● Application Tracking System ● KANBAN ● Candidates status followup


Manage your projects with agility.

Project milestones management ● Milestone delivery (timesheet or workpackage) ● Milestone validation (edition, rejection) ● Assignment ● Workload management plan


Automate billing for your partner network.

Validation process ● Technical & financial proposal ● Redaction & signature ● Contract & purchase order management ● Billing generation ● Payment reconciliation

Discover our customers' use cases

We help organizations digitize to increase their performance and be more agile.

Staffing platform for in-house consultants and freelancers.

Collaborative innovation platform for a french engineering school.

Staffing platform for both external and internal resources.

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