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We work with experts in general engineering

Our general engineering experts help large groups or SMEs in all stages of their engineering projects.

System engineer

The System Engineer is a software and hardware expert. He focuses on how to design, integrate, and manage complex systems.

Aeronautical engineer

The aeronautical engineer designs, tests, manufactures and maintains aircraft and helicopters, as well as space launch vehicles, satellites and missiles.

Biomedical engineer & biological engineering

The biomedical engineer is a real specialist in the development of medical equipment related to new technologies.

Energy engineer

The energy engineer works mainly on the creation or storage of energy (hydro, wind, solar, oil...).

Research engineer/ R&D

The Research and Development engineer carries out basic research and product prototypes. He can practice in many areas.

Innovation engineer

The innovation engineer is a real project manager within a company. He ensures the design and development of new products, services or production processes.

Support engineer

The Support Engineer is responsible for identifying product problems. He has to develop a strategy to solve this problem and contribute to its resolution. He is mainly involved in maintenance.

Our expertise

Our community of more than 60'000 qualified engineers and tech talents work in the following fields:​

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