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We work with experts specialized in mechanics

Our experts in mechanics and physics help large groups or SMEs in all stages of their projects related to the design of machines, 3D modeling, or the creation of integration plans of all types.

Mechanical engineer

The mechanical engineer designs and develops equipment or mechanical machines. He works mainly in the industrial sector.

CAD Designer

The designer uses computer-aided design (CAD) software to make plans and drawings of products to be designed (prototypes).

Modeling & simulation engineer

The modeling & simulation engineer uses CAD software to map a building, or a product, taking into account mathematical calculations to study structural stability.

Electromechanical/ automation engineer

The robotics or automation engineer has both mechanical and electronic skills. He designs robots to improve manufacturing processes.

Mechanical Fluid/Hydraulic Engineer

The hydraulic engineer is in charge of creating or storing energy using fluid materials such as water. He may also deal with the optimization of energy consumption.

Thermal engineer

The thermal engineer performs energy diagnostics on buildings. His studies should make it possible to avoid heat loss within a building for example.

Acoustic engineer

The acoustic engineer is in charge of controlling noise pollution. He carries out studies, measurements and various models to limit sounds and vibrations.

Optical engineer

The optical engineer is in charge of the development of all optical technologies (fiber optic, laser, DVD, telescope, etc.).

Our expertise

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