Our Manifesto

Liberate progress with the passion of our talents

Giving engineers and tech talents the freedom to choose the projects that they want to invest in, whilst developing their skills; that is what drives us. With this vision, we are certain that the engineers and tech talents of today and those of tomorrow will be more fulfilled, more motivated and logically, more efficient. This way, as they will be able work to their full potential, they will interact with project holders about issues which truly interest them with a more fine tuned skill set. It will be easier for innovative companies to meet with more specialised profiles. This will increase innovation, with more agility, speed and better project quality, all key factors in a highly competitive environment; the innovation race and the battle of talents.
This is what we are working towards today with Kicklox: giving freedom to engineers and also allowing our clients to to carry out their projects whilst giving them better access to expertise and in particular, to quality profiles.

The History of Kicklox

  • 2016
    launch of the Kicklox platform (formerly known as Makake)
  • October
    First fundraising with Maurice RICCI, CEO of AKKA Technologies
  • 2017
    First recruits and 2000 engineers on the platform
  • June
    Brand change, Makake becomes Kicklox
  • August
    Second fundraising with MRI
  • September
    Launch of the second version of the platform
  • October
    Launch of the new display site
  • December
    The community is made of over 10,000 engineers and 400 clients

Our Team

    CTO & Cofounder
    Ingénieur diplômé de Grenoble INP
  • Kevin MULLER
    Kevin MULLER
    CEO & Cofounder
    Ingénieur diplômé de Grenoble INP
  • Virgin VP Marketing
    Virgin BITTON
    VP Marketing
  • Hicham OUMOUSS
    Hicham OUMOUSS
    Account Manager
  • Grégory DALMAR
    Grégory DALMAR
    Développeur Back-End
  • Benjamin ETARD
    Benjamin ETARD
    Account Manager
  • Alexandre MOREILHON
    Alexandre MOREILHON
    Développeur Back-End
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