Kicklox for the Purchasing Department

Streamline your purchasing strategy

Kicklox help you work with intellectual services providers or deploy your own Vendor Management System (VMS).

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Kicklox advantages for IT Purchasers

Our know-how fit any of your needs and allow you to access to technical expertise easily.

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Streamline your purchasing strategy

Thanks to our offer Kicklox Global, we work like an umbrella company for all of your freelancers. Work with 1 referenced supplier and access +70'000 tech talents.

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Earn time and money every day

We manage all the risks linked to working with freelancers. All of the projets are also insured by our partner AXA. Focus only on what matters for your activity.

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Manage with ease all of your providers

We develop & deploy white-label platform such as a Vendor Management System. Get access to a digital platform to manage all of your suppliers.

Purchaser feedback

Kicklox allowed me to streamline my purchasing strategy. No more wasting time referencing dozens of freelancers, SME... When I referenced Kicklox as an approved supplier, I gave my IT managers the opportunity to work easily with +70'000 talents.




FAQ - What questions do purchasers frequently ask us?

Kicklox consultants are not employed by us. Our qualified consultants are independant workers with high level of expertise. We gather a community of +70’000 freelancers looking for innovative projects on our platform.

Kicklox subcontract your need to one of our qualified independant worker who is in our community. Hence, we are the only stakeholder you can refer to. Beyond the contractual aspect, all the projects done via Kicklox are insured by our recognized partner AXA.

Both options are possible with Kicklox. It really depends on your goals. 

We can deploy our white-label platform technology as a VMS (Vendor Management System). For more information on the implementation, please visit our dedicated page Kicklox Platform.

There is an offer for each of your needs

Our know-how fit any of your needs and allow you to access to technical expertise easily.


Work with independent workers for any of your technical projects.


Get access to an umbrella company to make collaboration with freelancers easier.


Deploy your own white-label matching platform.

Kicklox help you reach your goals
Do you wish to streamline your purchasing strategy and make collaboration with freelancers easier?
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