Kicklox Label, the engineering and tech talent qualification process.

We have developed a made to measure labelling process thanks to the latest technology and a dedicated team, which allows us to profile and 100% guarantee each of our engineers and tech talents within our community, whilst also providing a dedicated service.
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Find the profiles that you are looking for

profilé à 360

360 degree profiles

Numerous sources of information so that you can identify as precisely as possible each of our members’ profiles, not only on their technical competences but also on their soft skills.
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With a recommendation system and a dedicated team checking diplomas and certificates, our members’ profiles are checked one by one.

Up to date

We keep up to date with our members on the phone and regularly run updates so that the information available is always reliable.


Here are Kicklox_Label’s steps in helping us identify the best profiles for each of your needs.
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Selective Sourcing

Gain access to the best profiles: thanks to our selective sourcing methods, our recruitment channels are perfectly optimised and we have a fine tuned ability to target the profiles you are looking for so that you can access to the best engineers and tech talents on the market.
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Skills Screening

Get hold of all the necessary information when analysing the profiles that interest you thanks to our meticulous skills screening, which evaluates the diplomas, certificates, professional experiences and professional projects of each of our candidates thanks to numerous integrations.


Because it is even better when others talk about their work. We have developed a referencing system which allows members to be recommended by their professional contacts which also validates each listed professional experience .
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The Phone Interview

To allow us to be closer to our community and give you extra value when it comes to analysing their profiles, our dedicated team interview all of our engineers. You will find Kicklox’s feedback about all of the exchanges with recently contacted profiles.
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At the end of each project, when the work is handed in, the client gives his/her feedback on the service provided. This allows you to have a professional’s opinion who has already worked with the profile that you are interested in.
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The Talent follow-up

With our Machine Learning solutions and our follow-up team, we endeavour to get the most out of our members’ activities so that we can guarantee reliable and up to date information to ensure optimal matches and successful collaborations.
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Updated profiles


Phone interviews

Technology performance & humans

Integrated technologies and a dedicated team following up on our members
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Security and conformity

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Data Privacy

We ensure key control processes to respect your personal life and a successful management and transparency in the use of your data, as well as upholding legal regulations.
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We check our members’ background to prevent identity fraud as well as financial scams, money laundering or terrorism financing.


We follow OWASP guidelines and use tools and essential protections to ensure the safety of your data.

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