Deploy your Freelancer Management System (FMS) easily

The collaboration with your freelancers and partners is now fully managed from a ready-made platform helping you handle their qualification, staffing, and billing.

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The strengths of this use case

screening competences

Automatically qualify each freelancer

Each partner of your ecosystem will follow the qualification process that you set-up beforehand, with a notification follow-up to ensure full profile completion.

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Manage all the proposals and purchase orders

Your freelancers send technical proposals with milestones that you are supposed to validate in order to sign the contract. The purchase order is automatically generated upon milestone validation.

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Enjoy a payment & automatic reconciliation system

Our payment system integrated into the user flow of your platform allows all authorized users to follow the status of each invoice and milestone at any time, and to notify clients and freelancers of actions carried out in real time.

Your tailored-made platform to manage freelancers

Our business modules are ready-made to deploy your platform.


All the core features needed to maximize adoption from your team for your Freelancer Management System are integrated to your future solution.


Our module dedicated to talents management that ensures full completion of the talents' profiles to manage the collaboration with your freelancers.


Our project publication marketplace combined with our matching algorithm ensures there is always a match between your freelancers' skills and your projects.


Thanks to the milestones management of your projects, it has never been easier to manage the collaboration with your freelancers as well as their contracts.


Billing, payment and other legal aspects are centralized and put on auto-pilot thanks to features taking care of ensuring a transparent and efficient collaboration with your freelancers.

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Our solution can fit other use cases

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