Map the skills of your employees and partners in a dedicated repository, and find them instantly

Our digital solution references skills and expertise of your resources, and allows you to search them with a powerful search engine.

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The strengths of this use case

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Manage your talents in a few clicks

The talents of your organization can create and maintain their detailed skills profile online, as well as their availability, creating thus a real library of skills.

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Don't bother referencing all of your talents

Our userflows are designed to entirely reinvent user support, and thus simplify the expression of the competencies file of each talent, as well as administrative datas, thanks to a dedicated expertises repository. A filling help tool is available to enhance this step (Linkedin, CV Parsing).

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Search with a powerful search engine

Thanks to our advanced search technology, find the right talent in your pool in no time in order to contact him or propose him a project. You can create then as many lists as you want to find them later at any time.

Your tailored-made platform to map the skills of your resources

Our business modules are ready-made to deploy your platform in no time.


All the core features needed to maximize adoption from your team for your skills mapping platform are integrated to your future solution. ​​


Our module dedicated to talents management that ensures full completion of the talents' profiles to manage the collaboration with your resources and allows you to search easily for a skill.

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Our solution can fit other use cases

Are you looking for a skills mapping, staffing or workload management solution ? Discover our solutions.

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