Optimize the staffing of all your projects with our matching algorithm

Our digital solution help you gain performance while staffing your projects thanks to our projects marketplace with matching algorithm.

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Publish projects on your own marketplace

Our offer specification form allows all project managers to formalize their needs in detail about the profiles sought, the project to be carried out and the intervention modalities. Then, they can publish them on a marketplace allowing the launching of a RFP phases.

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Enjoy a powerful matching algorithm

Our bijective matching algorithm meet needs and resources with relevance in order to facilitate the management of your selection process. You get instant results on each need making your life easier, but consultations are also launched to invite candidates to apply in one-click. All the stakeholders are then involved.

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Manage applications easily with a KANBAN board

Our dedicated KANBAN tool makes application management easier than ever and allows you to quickly and transparently manage the selection of the right resources on each of your projects in this tool specifically designed for this use. Do not waste any more time to find the ideal candidate.

Your tailored-made platform to staff any projects

Our business modules are ready-made to deploy your platform in no time.​


All the core features needed to maximize adoption from your team for your staffing platform are integrated to your future solution. ​


Our module dedicated to talents management that ensures full completion of the talents' profiles to manage the collaboration with your resources and optimize the staffing of your projects.​


Our project publication marketplace combined with our matching algorithm ensures there is always a match between your freelancers' skills and your projects for better staffing.

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Our solution can fit other use cases

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