Easily deploy your community management platform

Collaboration with all your suppliers, partners or talents is now fully managed with a turnkey solution addressing their qualification, staffing, contracting and delivery of work.

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The advantages of this solution

screening competences

Automatically qualify each member of your community

Each member of your ecosystem (students, alumni, partners, retirees, etc.) carries out the qualification process that you configure in a few clicks, integrating a system of reminders and monitoring of progress to ensure robust validation.
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Benefit from a high-performance profile search engine

Members of your community can easily meet to collaborate together thanks to a powerful search engine with different levels of filters.
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Create interaction in your community via the messaging system

Our messaging system integrated with all the functionalities of our platform allows you to optimize the fluidity of exchanges, and the interaction of all users on your projects.

How it works ?

Onboard your community members

Your users are supported to create their detailed skills and expertise profile, to then be found by other members of the community.

Connect a project marketplace to your community

Facilitate the connection between the different members of your community. Let them create projects, then our matching algorithm automatically generates a shortlist of the most relevant profiles for the project in question.

Benefit from an integrated payment system

Thanks to our partner MangoPay, members of your community can invoice their services directly on your platform.

The strengths of our technology


Secure & robust platform

It responds to the challenges of deployment in complex organizations, constraining environments and large volumes of data.

Modular & integrable into your Information System

SaaS technology is adaptable to all your internal IT tools, and customizable according to your white label needs.


Ergonomic & easy to use

The interfaces are ergonomic and naturally easy to use for your teams, thus improving the adoption of your internal processes.

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