Customer Success

Discover our additional services guaranteeing the success of your marketplace-type platform.

Data & Analytics & Dataviz

User management dashboard on the front office

Manage the front-office via a fun and well-thought-out interface allowing you to act via a single dashboard.

Data administration in the back office

Access the back office of your application and manage the various actions taking place on the front office with ease.

Dataviz & standard KPIs

Get a holistic and uncluttered view of your data, results and business. Thus allowing you to efficiently analyze the various important points for your activity.
  • Downloading .xls data reports
  • Custom dataviz dashboard
  • Integration of third-party standard analytics: GA, GTM, Mixpanel, Amplitude
  • Creation of downloadable personalized reports
  • Automation of alerts and reports
  • Specific integration of tools & data warehouse
  • Provision of a follower database
  • BI expert advice and intervention for advanced analysis

Notifications & marketing automation

In-app notifications

Receive in-app notifications for every important action. These notifications are configurable and can be turned off.

Sending transactional emails

Configure transactional emails according to predefined templates, the different users of your application will be attached to the tool automatically.

Automatic recovery scenarios

Take advantage of our personalized scenarios, define the different parameters you want to apply to them: deadline, wording, number of reminders, conditions to check, and much more.
  • Personalized branding & wording of emails
  • Personalized reminder workflows
  • Creation of new tailor-made workflows
  • Personalized marketing and communication campaigns
  • Establishment of a dedicated showcase site

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Our goal is to help you reduce your expenses and increase your operating margin.


Secure hosting, app & data in France

Your application is the nerve center of your business, it is better that this point be as secure as possible to avoid any inconvenience. Your data is hosted in France in compliance with the RGPD.

Dedicated app & database on personalized domain

When developing your white label platform, we offer you the possibility of deploying your marketplace in the domain of your choice.

API access

Get access to the programming interface allowing you to facilitate the integration of third-party applications.
  • Secure hosting in a country of your choice


Standard technical support by email (Mon-Fri 9 am-5pm)

You benefit from local and competent technical support, accompanying you in the event of difficulties on the platform.

Dedicated helpdesk with SLA for administrators

We are committed to dealing with any bugs or problems that your teams encounter within a short timeframe that we will define together, so as not to block your teams.

Copilting with a dedicated team

We can provide you with a team dedicated to the development of your platform and to the resolution of the encountered problems. In this way, requests are handled by specialists in your platform.
  • Dedicated Customer Success Manager for demo & training
  • Dedicated helpdesk for end users

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Our goal is to help you reduce your expenses and increase your operating margin.
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