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New technologies used in Healthcare

Whilst the scientific progress currently being made in the healthcare sector remains impressive, the race for better performance and for advances in research remains constant. his is how the digilisation of the sector has come about. The use of IoT and software is a key part of many healthcare professionals’ strategies, regardless of whether they are being used by professionals or equally by the patients with the new services that they can benefit from.

Making this transition successful

Assistance during surgery, diagnostics and patient follow up all rely on 3D modelling and printing technologies but also on the use of augmented reality. But questions surrounding the use of people’s data and the reliability of these systems is also a key part of the innovation in the sector.
In order to adapt, healthcare companies will have to develop genuine means of innovating and placing the patient at the centre of the model. Kicklox offers its expertise and network of qualified engineers to the healthcare sector so that it can help its clients face the current challenges in this field.
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