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Deploy your white label skills management platform

Optimize the mapping of your skills and the staffing of your projects with a customizable platform, just like your company.

The advantages of Kicklox White Label

Boost your turnover and operating margin

Identify the right skills more easily and optimize your staffing while reducing your costs.

Retain your ecosystem of talents / resources

Your talents become an actor in their career and this increases their performance and their motivation.

Make life easier for your employees

Your users carry out their missions easily and quickly thanks to an ergonomic and perfectly adapted tool.

Kicklox White Label Features

Discover all the features of our matching marketplace.

Centralize the profiles of your resources in one place

Onboard and reference all your resources automatically. Then access a detailed sheet on each of your resources (availability, skills, sector, expertise, experiences, prices, etc.).

Each of your consultants has access to the platform allowing them to update their information and availability independently.

Search among your resources (internally or externally)

Benefit from our powerful search engine to search among all your resources thanks to advanced search filters (location, skills, experience, price, etc.).

Publish your projects / calls for tenders in order to solicit the community

Publish projects on the platform to directly solicit your community of experts. Experts can then position themselves on your project to find out more.

Kicklox Manager also allows you to automatically solicit a community of more than 70,000 engineers, tech talents, design offices, SMEs …

kicklox platform matching

Match your projects with your resources via a matching algorithm

Allocate your best available resources to your open projects in just a few clicks thanks to our matching algorithm, which saves precious time during the pre-selection of resources.

Follow the progress of all applications for your projects

Thanks to the Kanban-style management interface, keep an eye on the progress of all applications project by project. A messaging system also allows you to communicate in real time with each of your consultants.


Manage and follow the milestones of your projects with agility

Effectively monitor the progress of each of your projects. What are the milestones to deliver, which ones to pay, and much more!

Manage your data from a customizable back office

Manage all the objects of your platform from your own back office. Access the list of users, projects or applications, then modify or validate each data as you wish.

Why choose Kicklox White Label?

Benefit from a platform that reflects your business

Your logo, your colors, your graphic charter are directly integrated into the platform that we deploy.

Integrate all your IT tools into our platform

Connect Kicklox to the APIs of all your other IT tools to centralize your data.

Customize the platform as much as you want

Add fields, personalize the paths in order to better match the business challenges of your company.

We have a plan for each use case

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Turnkey solution to launch
your SaaS tool instantly.
Sur devis
  • Talent profiles & job matching
  • Milestones & CRA
  • Fichier 26 Access to Kicklox Services
Kicklox White label logo


Choose the Businesss modules
of your choice and personalize them.
Sur devis
  • Up to 1,000 MAU included.

  • The Essential plan, plus:

  • Dedicated app & branding
  • Competency matrix


Add new fields to
all your items without limit.
Sur devis
  • Up to 1,000 MAU included

  • The Growth plan, plus:

  • Addition of fields on Profiles, Offers and Matching
  • API access + 3000 third-party apps


Integrated tailor-made platform
to all of your IT tools.
Sur devis
  • The Scale plan, plus:

  • Custom forms and workflows
  • SSO access & specific development

The strengths of Kicklox White Label


Secure & robust platform

It responds to the challenges of deployment in complex organizations, constraining environments and large volumes of data.

Modular & integrable into your IS

SaaS technology is adaptable to all your internal IT tools, and customizable according to your white label needs.


Ergonomic & easy to use

The interfaces are ergonomic and naturally easy to use for your teams, thus improving the adoption of your internal processes.

Discover our customer case studies

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Staffing platform for internal consultants and freelances.
Collaborative innovation platform within a large engineering school.
Staffing of internal and external resources.

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