Talent Management

Discover all our features allowing you to map your resources, modify them and find them in a few clicks.

Onboard your talents and let them modify their profile

Onboarding of talented users

Allow your users to onboard independently on your platform. Simply share the registration page with them and they will be guided through creating their account.

CV Parsing for automatic filling

In order to facilitate the onboarding phase, candidates have the possibility of uploading their CV in order to automatically pre-fill all the fields of their profiles.

Detailed skills profile

Each profile contains many customizable fields (expertise with sub-category, sectors, etc.) and many skills to add at each level (experience, training, profile, etc.).

Skills rating

Each of your skills can be assessed in order to specify a level of expertise (Score ranging from 1 to 4).

Customize availability and terms for each user

Availability & search status

Each resource can regularly update its availability via a simple interface. Email reminders can also be configured to encourage them to update their availability or search status.

Mobility, type of contract & remuneration

Many additional customizable fields are also part of the terms of a profile. Access by default geographic mobility, the type of contract sought or compensation.

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Our goal is to help you reduce your expenses and increase your operating margin.

Access a profile filling scoring system

Scoring of the filling level of the profiles

Each resource can consult the level of completion of his profile at any time. This gamification makes it possible to encourage the user to fill out his profile as much as possible. The different filling levels are customizable.

Source the perfect talent with our search engine

Advanced profile search engine

Access our search engine with many filters (location with radius, sector sought, contract sought, skills to have ...). Our research system works with Algolia technology.

Managing Favorites Lists

Each user account of the "client" type can create lists. These lists allow you to save profiles in order to contact them again later.
Download the skills file
On each user profile, a skills file in PDF format can be downloaded in 1 click (also accessible from your back-office). A skills file represents a personalized CV in the image of your platform.

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Billing & Payment
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Customer Success
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Our goal is to help you reduce your expenses and increase your operating margin.
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