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We work with infrastructure experts

Our infrastructure experts help large groups or SMEs in all stages of their projects related to website implementation, cyber security or application deployment.

Database Administrator

The database administrator must ensure the consistency, security and reliability of the data stored in the database. He also manages relational and non-relational databases. (SQL & noSQL).

Systems & Networks Engineer

The systems and networks engineer is involved in setting up his company’s network infrastructure (operating system, tools...). He is also in charge of the safety of the network.


The DevOps is responsible for the improvement of continuous deployment and development processes within a software development team. He knows perfectly AWS, GCP or Azure.

Blockchain developer

The blockchain developer is a computer engineer specialized in the field of blockchain (storing and transmitting information transparently).

Cloud Project Leader

The cloud project manager is responsible for setting up all types of "cloud computing" projects. He is in direct relation with his company’s IT manager or CTO.

Security/Cyber Security Engineer

The cybersecurity engineer is in charge of the security of his company’s information systems. He performs penetration tests to prevent hackers from getting into his system.

Our expertise

Our community of more than 60'000 qualified engineers and tech talents work in the following fields:​

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