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More than 60,000 engineers and tech talents are looking for their next opportunity as freelancer or full-time employee.

We work with experts in design

Our design experts can help large groups or SMEs in all stages of their projects, from the simple drawing of a logo to the entire design of a website, for example.

UX/UI designer

The UX/ UI designer is the "full-stack" designer. He deals with the user experience, and he also takes care of the design of the product interface to improve the experience.

3D Modeler & CAD

The 3D and CAD (Computer Aided Design) modeler creates three-dimensional models of characters, objects and scenery by creating digital “sculptures”.

2D/3D Animator

The 2D/3D animator is the master of movement. He intervenes in the animation of animated movies or video games, (keyframe/ motion capture).

Graphic designer

The graphic designer’s main role is visual communication. He creates and declines communication materials.


The illustrator has an assertive style. He may draw a press article, a storybook for children, an advertisement, a website or a video game.

Artistic director

The artistic director is responsible for artistic reflection and is looking for a creative concept. He coordinates the production of creative elements in his team.

Our expertise

Our community of more than 60'000 qualified engineers and tech talents work in the following fields:​

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