Future factory technologies

Incorporating technology

Businesses are making key investments to incorporate new technologies to make themselves more competitive and find levers for growth. Productivity optimisation has resulted in new models using Industry 4.0 with new trends such as robotics, cobotics, automation, intensive exploitation … The transformation of the means of production is crucial in optimising performance. Whilst robotics and automation reduce human intervention in order to gain time, cotobics optimises humans’ actions during manufacturing by focusing on ergonomics.

The factory 4.0

The use of data rationalises production by improving the production line and logistics and creates the potential to improve quality, reduce costs and increase competitivity. We can also see an improvement in work conditions and a higher output rate for each employee.
In order to meet these technological challenges, Kicklox provides supports to its clients with its network of multidisciplinary engineers. Capable of solving all of these issues, choosing Kicklox as your partner allows you to rationalise your processes and increase your efficiency.
Future factory technologies

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