Facilitate the collaboration with all your service providers thanks to our umbrella company solution

Reference Kicklox as your only provider and collaborate with thousands of service providers.

Why do you have to use Kicklox to work with many service providers?

Centralize and facilitate the collaboration with all your service providers.

Delegate the risk management to Kicklox

Kicklox carries out the contract between the service provider and your company, and manage the risks related to the collaboration with your service providers/

Simplify the life of your buyers

By referencing Kicklox, you reference 70,000 independent talents and other service providers with one contact to facilitate your management.

Give more flexibility to your business teams

Your business teams can access the skills that they look for and easily collaborate with the experts identified by them while being compliant with your process.

Take advantage of a direct contractual framework

Kicklox sets up a contractual framework which complements to its general conditions of use to guarantee directly a contractual framework for each benefit.

Create your own community of service providers

Reference inside the same tool all your service providers including the freelancers with whom you work and publish a project in a few clicks to consult the community

Provide some advantages to your freelancers

Kicklox partnered with a lot of companies offering some services for independent workers (Qonto, Alan, Cautineo, AXA,...)

How does Kicklox Global work?

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We listen to your needs
Describe to us your need: With how many service providers do you wish to collaborate? What is the timing of your project? We quickly set up the platform and the appropriate contract for your environment.
Onboarding of service providers on our platform
We contact the service provider(s) concerned by this device to ensure compliance of their social status and guide them on our platform.
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Start the collaboration with your partners
Once we put in place the framework, you can use this channel for all the others cases that you would like to be developed by the platform, simplifying their management.

Why are they using Kicklox Global?

There is one solution for each of your needs


Work with independent workers and get access to personnalised advice from our team.


Hire your next employee (engineer or tech talent) with our on-demand head hunting service.


Get access to a talent pool, search with filters and then contact the talent of your choice.


Manage all of your resources with our white label matchmaking platform.

Kicklox assists you
Are you looking for some technical skills for an urgent need?
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