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Our industrial experts help large groups or SMEs in all stages of their projects, whether it is product engineering, quality, industrialization or supply chain.

Product/process engineer

The product or process engineer is in charge of the optimization and organisation of the production workshops. He is in a process of continuous improvement.

Project/System Quality Engineer

The Project Quality Engineer must ensure the conformity of products developed in order to comply with regulatory standards (ISO).

Industrialisation engineer/ methods

The industrialization and methods engineer works daily on the optimization of the manufacturing methods of a product as well as on the control processes.

Measurement & Testing Engineer

The Measurement and Testing Engineer defines and writes test programs according to specifications. He is in charge of the reliability of the equipment tested.

Logistics/Production Engineer

The logistics engineer supervises and coordinates the flow of goods (raw materials, supplies, finished products) from the factory, company or logistics platform.


The purchaser is responsible for purchasing the products necessary for the business of his enterprise. He may buy both raw materials and services.

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