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We work with experts in electronics

Our electronics experts can help large groups or SMEs in all stages of their projects for the installation of electronic wiring, equipment monitoring in the fields of mechanics, hydraulics ...

Electronics engineer

The electronic engineer is essential in an industrial company. He draws electronic circuit diagrams and components and then tests them in product prototypes.

Electronics designer & CAD/Wiring

The electronics designer can carry out the physical design of electronic boards, electronic or electrical products and formalize them by means of schematics, standard plans of details, sub-assemblies or sets and definition files.

Embedded System Engineer & FPGA

The embedded system engineer implements virtual and physical validation, target implementation, design and definition of the FPGA/ASIC architecture. He develops particularly optimized programs.

Mechatronics engineer

The mechatronics engineer starts, regulates and monitors the operation of mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic, electrical and electronic equipment.

Test engineer

The test engineer interferes between the research and design department and the production line. He develops prototypes to safeguard the safety and health of users.

Simulation & modeling engineer

The simulation and modeling engineer calculates and performs computerized tests (stresses, resistance, dimensions, characteristics, etc.) for given systems, devices or products.

Electrotechnical engineer

The electrotechnical engineer is responsible for the design of components and equipment in terms of hardware (electronic component boards) and software (programming).

Optronic engineer

The optronic engineer defines and implements optic and mechanic designs that respond to system characteristics.

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