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More than 60,000 engineers and tech talents are looking for their next opportunity as freelancer or full-time employee.

We work with developers

Our developers help large groups or SMEs in all stages of their web, mobile and software development projects. Our community of experts knows various programming languages and frameworks.

Backend developer

The backend developer creates APIs on your database, develops server-side microservices. He knows how to do everything: create, develop, code etc.

Frontend developer

The frontend developer integrates pages of a website by translating the projects of the product team with Javascript frameworks, HTML & CSS..

Mobile developer

The mobile developer develops mobile applications (smartphones, tablets...). His complementary mission is the optimization of these mobile applications.

Fullstack developer

The fullstack developer supports development projects from A to Z with back and front management thanks to different programming languages.

CMS developer

The CMS developer takes care of the development of sites and plugins on your favorite CMS platforms (WordPress, Prestashop, Magento...).

ERP/CRM developer

The role of the ERP/CRM developer is to tailor your internal tools such as Salesforce, Hubspot, or SAP.

Embedded Software Developer

The embedded software developer is in charge of the software part of all types of embedded systems (aeronautics, automotive, etc.).

Our expertise

Our community of more than 60'000 qualified engineers and tech talents work in the following fields:​

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