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We work with experts in civil engineering

Our civil engineering experts help large groups or SMEs in all stages of their projects, whether they are studies, such as construction, or project management.

Structural engineer

The structural engineer helps enterprises in the realization of studies of building projects and infrastructures.

Construction engineer

The work engineer is responsible for the planning and monitoring. He is proficient in office automation, planning and management software.

HVAC Engineer

The HVAC engineer carries out technical studies, work schedules. He manages the installation of heating, ventilation and air conditioning equipment, from the first studies until the completion of the project.

Designer & architect

The designer and the architect draw up a list of all available information on the ground. They draw up plans for the construction, modification or redevelopment of all types of individual or collective buildings.

Electrical engineer

The electrical engineer develops equipment and components for the development of new electrical grids or for the replacement of existing grids.

Climate & Environment Engineer

The climate & environment engineer carries out technical studies as well as energy and thermal calculations. He writes specifications and draws plans.

BIM Manager

The BIM (Building Information Modeling) Manager develops processes in compliance with the constraints and technical standards related to legislation and environmental protection.

Our expertise

Our community of more than 60'000 qualified engineers and tech talents work in the following fields:​

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